Our short story

With over 50 years’ experience in the world of beauty and cosmetics Hellenica Group and Radiant Professional create the trends, familiarizes women with make-up techniques and teaches them the secrets to a beautiful complexion.

In 1995, Hellenica Group created the Radiant Professional brand with the aim of offering a complete range of professional products, with respect to the modern woman and her every day needs. Born in Greece, Radiant Professional gets inspiration from the light, the colors, the glow and the temperament of the Mediterranean.

Since 1995, Radiant Professional has evolved into a professional make up and skin care brand, with a technologically advanced range of products.

Beauty is a female affair. And so is our history, a history written in the brightest colors.

Glamorous and radiant she turns heads wherever she goes. That is the Radiant Professional woman and that is every woman. Her beauty stems from her confidence and the makeup and skin products are there to enhance it. Designed in Greece with inspiration from the colors and the Mediterranean culture, Radiant Professional’s make up products are women’s common secret.

With a large and sufficient make up and skin care range of technologically advanced products in many colors, shades and textures our products are the answer for every occasion and every need: comfort, natural look, dazzling radiance.

Every season we recommend the new trends and creations in the world of make-up. Inspired by contemporary trends our Beauty Advisors are in every woman’s disposal, so together they can choose the shades and techniques that will enhance their natural beauty.


In our company store, you will discover a variety of beauty products that will satisfy any need for perfect makeup, skin care and hair care, a complete beauty experience.
Our three brands - RADIANT Professional Make Up – SEVENTEEN The Art of Beauty & LORVENN Hair Professionals – offer high quality products with innovative technology that assist every woman in looking and feeling better.

Our well-trained Makeup-Experts encompass any beauty concern and offers professional personalized advice and full makeup services for perfect, fashionable image.


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