Pulse Fitness Galleria Burgas

Pulse Fitness Galleria Burgas is the first club of the Pulse Fitness & Spa chain on the territory of Burgas.

The total area of Pulse Fitness Galleria Burgas is 1200 m2. The view from the cardio area is directly towards the atrium space of Mall Gallery Burgas - all levels of the mall are visible. The whole functional space is of the "Open Space" type.

The group activity hall is partitioned off with a guillotine-type glass system. This type of glazing allows in the hours when there are no classes, to merge the hall with the large open space, becoming one with the unique Cross Training area located in the immediate vicinity.


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Opening hours

Понеделник - Петък 6:30-22:00
Събота - Неделя: 09:00 - 22:00


0700 44 044